Lenovo’s earbuds HT10 Pro will be launched in India soon

Lenovo’s earbuds HT10 Pro will be launched in India soon
Lenovo's earbuds HT10 Pro will be launched in India soon

Lenovo’s earbuds HT10 Pro will be launched in India soon

Lenovo’s new earbuds HT10 Pro TWS are going to be launched in India soon. The Lenovo has teased this true wireless earbuds and stated that the upcoming earbuds will be coming with a new EQ technology for better sound at a lower price. Lenovo HT10 Pro will be an upgrade variant of Lenovo HT10TWS launched in September last year and its price information has also been available in India. The EQ technology brings two preset equalizer frequencies to low-cost appliances. The company says that till now this technology was possible only on expensive devices.

HT10 Pro TWS Price

Lenovo HT10 Pro will be priced at Rs 4499 in India. The company has confirmed by sending a teaser mail that the Lenovo HT10 Pro earbuds will be launched in India soon. The company has also shared a picture of it, showing that the HT10 Pro matches the HT10 earbuds to a great extent in terms of design. The Pro variant will come with some improvements, including new EQ technology. Remind that HT10 earbuds were launched in India in September last year, priced at 3,999.

HT10 Pro TWS Specification

Talking about the new EQ technology, according to the company, by switching this mode, users will get experience of various frequencies of music. For example, light music should have a clear sound and light. At the same time, heavy music is preferred in dance music. This new technology offers two process – extra bass and pure music. Users can easily change the frequency by just pressing a button.

Talking about other features of HT10 Pro Trueless earbuds, it has dual microphone, waterproof capabilities and ergonomic design. It claims to have a playback time of up to 48 hours (including battery backup of the charging case) and 200 hours of standby time. The Pro variant comes with Qualcomm 3020 chipset and also supports Bluetooth 5 version with 20 meter range. HT10 Pro supports aptX audio codecs for better audio quality.

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